Pumpkin Spice everything!


My Nanny Kids LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkin! We eat pumpkin pancakes all year long.  I know there are people out there that don’t like pumpkin or pumpkin spice but in this house, we love it all.

Here are a few things I picked up yesterday. These few things will probably last at least two months, if not longer because I hide them and only give it to them for special treats. I don’t typically allow a lot of sugar. They usually have to earn it if I do give it to them. Birthday and holiday parties are of course an exception.

I am not big on a lot of the pumpkin flavor but once ‘pumpkin spice season’ is over, Gingerbread season is here! That is my personal favorite flavor of literally everything!




Target has Onsie jams in kids and adult sizes! Gwennie is 10 but tall for her age so she is in adult clothes. These xs adult minion jams fit her perfectly! Brady is about to turn 7 and obsessed with Star Wars. He was literally jumping up and down when I gave them to him!

Happy Friday!


It’s been a long week for me so I am so Thankful that it’s Friday!

Last Saturday, Brady and I went to Zombie Fest and it was a blast. There was a DJ, Scavenger hunt, and a zombified tent. This is B right after getting zombified. He got to the horn on a gas truck, climb up on a fire truck, and play with the lights on a police car.

This was a great community event. This was our first year and we will definitely be back next year!

Someone is 10!

My Oldest charge turned 10 on Sunday! She has always loved the arts so I took her to SAM (Seattle Art Museum) for the big one zero. I took the afternoon off last Thursday  since this was a gift and picked up only Gwennie. After the art museum, we went for pizza at my favorite place, Serious Pie, and then ice cream before heading home. I’ve been her nanny for the last 3 years. I hope to be nanny for many more!



The Planned Nanny will be returning October 1st!

I have been planning like crazy the last couple of so days so that I can re-launch The Planned Nanny! I cannot wait to start sharing my planning ideas with every one soon! I will post planning for the first two weeks of October on October 1st! The next week, I will post planning for […]

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National Nanny Recognition Week!

I haven’t posted in almost two years and I miss it! I have a lot more time on my hands these days as the kids I nanny are both in school full time. Last week I celebrated 3 years with my current family and I couldn’t be happier. MB got me 4 $10 Starbucks cards (she bought them in a pack so that’s why there were 4. I always feel appreciated around here. People who feel appreciated, work harder.

It’s been a busy but fun 3 years. This year we went to Italy for two weeks and it was a blast! We were all pretty home sick by the 10th day and decided that trips were going to be 10 days max  from now on. We went to the Vatican and saw the pope. We saw the Sistine chapel. We had the most amazing food.

The kids have grown so much. When I started they were  6(a few days away from 7) and 3 (about 6 weeks away from turning 4.) Now they are 10(today!) and 7(in 5 weeks). tmp_6545-20141116_175557-1173715933

this is from 2014


This one is from August when we were in Rome! They are getting so big!


Wendy(weekend nanny), Cristine(MB), and Me


Ride the Ducks Seattle from Spring break I believe.

A few more random pics from Italy.

Excited to make some new memories with my nanny family in the upcoming year

. Happy National Nanny Recognition Week to any nannies reading this!

Busy busy busy

Life has been busy and I haven’t even thought about blogging in months. I miss it, I miss meeting people and talking with other nannies and mom’s. I’m going to have to add   blogging time to my calendar so I will actually sit down and do it.

I’ve been with my current family since September of 2013. I was their son’s first nanny several years ago for about 6 months. My kiddos are 8 as of September and 5 as of 2 weeks ago. I’ve gone from fill in nanny, to part time many, to full time live in nanny. I honestly didn’t think that I would do live in again but when the opportunity arose with this family, I took it.


I feel that I am in a great place with my job and my living situation. I’m just busy but the good kind of busy!  Have a happy week nannies and hopefully I’ll post again soon.2014-11-09 15.20.20